Features and shortcuts guide with tips & tricks to strengthen your flow on macOS, Windows & Linux

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What and why? (TL;DR)

  1. The idea behind it.
  2. Learning strategies.
  3. Visual examples associated with functionality explanation and keyboard shortcuts for macOS, Windows and Linux.
  4. It’s quite comprehensive, so it may be the only guide you need to read.

Throughout this article, I will present ways to improve work in the Android Studio IDE (AS). You will see in action a lot of hidden features and associated keyboard shortcuts, with their advantages. I will show you how, and encourage you to use Android Studio almost exclusively with your keyboard to…

In a multi-module Android project

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Recently I was configuring detekt in a multi-module project. To make it easier to pass knowledge about using it I wrote this article. Feel free to use it as documentation inside your project, to speed up using linter by new developers.

I divided it into three parts. The first part will give you Gradle setup for detekt in a multi-module android project. The second part is about the initial setup that every developer needs to do locally in order to use detekt. In the third part, I will talk about practical use-cases and some hints to use them daily.

Part I. Multi-module detekt setup

What is detekt?


The story about asking challenging questions, taking the binding decisions, seeking support, and respecting the time and strategy

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It’s now about 3 years after I’m working as Android Developer, and about 5–6 years counting from the moment I’ve decided to make a switch as soon as possible. Now, after getting a third job in a new field I can clearly see that process is accomplished, so I conclude it will be worth sharing my thoughts and experience around changing the industry.

What will be covered here?


with free tools: Google Translate, Quizlet, and Loop

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My hints throughout this article should help you if you’ve ever encountered at least one of the below obstacles during learning and memorizing words:

  • you don’t want to pause and take long breaks as it distracts you
  • saving words takes more time so you end up not saving them
  • the learning process isn’t specified or you’re bored
  • you’re breaking the routine of repeating
  • you’ve got your words-to-remember scattered across many places


Here is a summary of the process which helps me get rid of the above difficulties:

  1. Saving — translate and save the world with translation or definition
  2. Collecting —…

Practical tips to improve code reviews in your squad

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The above tweet has become an inspiration for this quick post. As a first thing, let’s clarify what we should not do during code review. @andyaaaas highlighted the top worst practices:

  • stating opinion as fact
  • avalanche of comments
  • asking devs to fix problems they didn’t cause
  • judgemental questions
  • sarcasm.

These tips come from “Unlearning toxic behaviors in a code review culture” based on a presentation with the same title. It’s worth to check them for more context.

Fortunately, at the Tigerspike, the company I’m currently working at I didn’t spot such behaviors. That is definitely great but doesn’t stop…

Productivity tools. Part I

There are so many places that give you the ability to take long notes. Hands up, who didn’t find the right app to write, format, export, and store researches, receipts, thoughts. If you’ve got a similar problem then here’s good news — I had found the right tool.

It’s somehow funny that writing is one of the most common things people do with computers. And yet there are so many approaches with no clear leader.

I have tried many applications and I will show you what the best solution is, in contrast to other, more common options.

What I needed…

This article is last one in four-part series “Organize yourself”. If you didn’t read the previous articles, it’s better to start from the beginning because it’s a continuation of previous topics.

The last part of the “Organize yourself” series is associated with deep work. This three-step article tells you how to strengthen and structure the perception.

1. Block distractions

This article is the third one in four-part series “Organize yourself”. If you didn’t read the previous articles, it’s better to start from the beginning because I’ll I will refer to them.

In this part, you will see the well-thought-out approach to time management with some examples which shows you practical side of productivity. Even if you’re working on your productivity using some tools, you’ll find there something new.

“Everyone fears the blank sheet of paper. Starting (anything) new can be an unnerving experience. Many of us prefer to put off making the initial commitment of starting.”

Andrew Hunt, David…

This article is the second one in four-part series “Organize yourself”. If you didn’t read the previous article, it’s better to start from the beginning because I will refer to it.

This part will show you a few keywords which really make sense, and in my opinion, should drive our lives. Nowadays they become buzzwords, but they shouldn’t be interpreted in such a way. You will find these keywords as underlined words in subheaders. During that part, we’ll discover a lot of W’s (what, why, when).

The purpose of this article is to give you a complex overview of self-organizing…

Organize Yourself. Part I

This article series is divided into 4 parts:

  1. Part I — Current part will give you an answer to one question ‘Why should I care about being productive’?
  2. Part II — 10 strategies that help increase productivity
  3. Part III — 11 time management tools & tips for power users
  4. Part IV — 3 steps to improve your focus ability during work

In case you’re a god of self-discipline and don’t need any plan because you are master of time management, you’re good to go. And you definitely should skip this article series — don’t waste your time! …

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